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Feb 03

Virtuous, Not Vicious, Cycles

last time i met with the Daily News editorial board, they said that the letters they print are representative of all the letters they receive on a particular topic.  this week, the News has printed FOUR pro bike letters in response to Denis Hamill’s “I hate bike lanes” screed, and ZERO anti bike letters.  Who has Denis’ back on bike hate?  Not many, apparently.

Vicious cycles I

Astoria: In “Wheely lame lanes” (Jan. 30), Denis Hamill paints a picture of the good ol’ days when he was a delivery boy, toughened up by a lack of bike lanes and an increase in scrapes. He ridicules safety equipment (“kids dressed like hockey goalies”) and complains that sheltered, helmeted kids are overly protected. As a helmeted adult who rides both in bike lanes and with traffic, I can assure Hamill that the city is still a dangerous place for cyclists, made worse by reckless drivers (and writers) who mock bike safety. I’ve got the MRIs and X-rays to prove it. Miles Kahn

Vicious cycles II

Brooklyn: Drivers of personal automobiles who make a point of regularly driving in our city and then decry the utilization of our public ways for other means of travel do not deserve even one-tenth of the column inches the Daily News has inked for them these last few years. Get over it. This city was built and is kept alive by people, not cars, and certainly not by solo commuter drivers. James Nadeau

Vicious cycles III

Brooklyn: I read with dismay Denis Hamill’s column in which he says children should face vehicular injury and/or death just to make a political point about his personal displeasure with bike lanes. I am shocked at such hateful, threatening language directed at kids. What is wrong with him? Joanna Oltman Smith

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Nov 06

Another Great Response to the NY Post from Brooklyn T.A. Stalwart, Gene Aronowitz

To the Editor of the New York Post

Your editorial “Hurricane Janette’s Chaos” is only the latest example of The Post’s continuous battle with what are probably the most significant advances in New York transportation policies in decades.  Obviously, cycling is an excellent way to get around when other forms of transportation are disrupted as demonstrated not only in the aftermath of the recent storm but also when the transit strike prevented people from getting to work.   Automobiles have their place but only as one element in a comprehensive transportation system.  I don’t understand why the Post is so down on other uses of the city streets.  As indicated in recent newspaper articles including one in the Times, recent transportation enhancements have proven excellent for business in New York City.   Safe cycling, along with improvements to mass transit are great for the environment, reducing the pollution that results from an over-reliance on automobiles.  Cycling is a healthful exercise that supports the City’s struggle to reduce obesity.  The Post’s positions on Commissioner Sadik-Khan’s contributions to the City of New York make no sense to me.

Gene Aronowitz

My Response to the NY Post’s latest anti bike screed

Sunday, the New York Post published the latest in a long line of editorials criticizing the City government for working to make New Yorkers safer on our streets and attacking New Yorkers who walk or bike. With no evidence or cause, your paper chose to blame the traffic congestion caused by the subway shutdown on the people coping with that shutdown by biking. After a week which saw entire neighborhoods reduced to smoldering wreckage and countless people’s lives devastated, you were small enough and mean-spirited enough to toss out yet another spiteful attack on New Yorkers who just want to get around the city safely.


Did you see New Yorkers volunteering to bring donuts and coffee to cheer commuters nervously biking to work for the first time in the wake of the storm? Did you see the groups using bicycles to bring food, clothing and supplies to people who’d lost everything to Hurricane Sandy? Did you see the proud New Yorkers turn down carpool rides, saying, “I’m a New Yorker, I can walk.” I don’t think you did. I think all you saw was another opportunity to score points against bike lanes and pedestrian plazas—safety improvements the vast majority of your neighbors approve of and enjoy. I’m saddened this paper is so out of touch. Luckily, I doubt anyone is likely to confuse your rants with the views of real New Yorkers.

Paul Steely White, Executive Director, Transportation Alternatives

Oct 01

S'blog with the potent sarcactivism! -

S’blog with the potent sarcactivism!

Sep 22

NYC's First "Bike Friendly Business District" Opens In East Village And LES: Gothamist

Sep 20

Barry Bonds at #interbike

Bonds, Barry Bonds, loves to

Sep 19

Bike-loving biz zone reported on ANIMAL

Jul 21

T.A. bike badassadors win again!

T.A. bike badassadors win again!

Purr, says the kitty

Purr, says the kitty

Morning on the Gowanus.  Girl libes *Polka* dot dumptrucks

Morning on the Gowanus. Girl libes *Polka* dot dumptrucks